Our Facility

QF&V has recently completed a major renovation to its 68,000 square foot warehouse at 10 Zane Grey in El Paso, Texas. Our building is state-of-the-art with food safety and efficiency as a primary focus of its construction.


There are seven cold and low temperature rooms designed to maintain the proper temperature for the requirements of storing different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Each cooler is zoned for different temperatures, producing the optimal climate (temperature and humidity) for each product. The temperature in each room is monitored both manually and electronically with three documented visual inspections per day and by a state-of-the-art Sonitrol monitoring system that provides 24/7 feedback on the temperatures with alarm notification for temperature variations.


The facility also has seven forced air ripening rooms. These rooms utilize a commercial forced-air program with a two rack system to maintain certain temperatures. Ethylene gas is introduced at various stages and amounts to progressively ripen bananas, among other fruits and vegetables, to assure high quality just in time to market.

Banana Rooms



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