Message From The President

At QF&V, we are passionate about the fresh produce business. My passion for the business grew from my years of working in my uncle’s produce business in the early years, sweeping the floors and interacting with growers and customers. We were small and mostly local then, when business was conducted in the early morning hours before El Paso sun had a chance to spoil the fruits and vegetables.

Today we operate nearly 24 hours a day, buying from around the world and shipping to our customers, large and small, in West Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico. Our cold storage warehouse and refrigerated trucks ensure that we can deliver fresh, high quality produce at almost any time of the day to our customers.

Today we are increasingly focused on food safety. We know that being true to our Mission Statement is dependent on safe food manufacturing and handling procedures and without the relationships we have developed with growers and national distributors our ability to provide consumers with safe, high quality fruits and vegetables would not be possible.

Today our employees share my passion for the fresh produce business by enthusiastically serving our customers, which enables us to deliver on our promise.

The future of the produce business is bright.  Our population is consuming more fruits and vegetables as a greater part of its diet in order to secure a healthy lifestyle. At QF&V, we are proud to be part of our community’s well-being. While our market has grown and our methods and technology have changed, the Mission of our company is the same; serving our customers by providing safe, high quality fresh fruits and vegetables at the most competitive prices available.


Nick Delgado
Founder and President

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